Sunday, November 13, 2011

Noise ?

Hi Folks,

I didn't blog for ages now. Without boring you with the reasons, long story short. I just was buried in work. Office + freelancing is probably not a great idea, so I stopped freelancing for now.

Over the past month, I also was very addicted to a new project of mine. I still am!
Its all about ECMAscript, loosely coupled architecture and "true" modular programming patterns. That project (or rathermore the idea) grew bigger and bigger and finally, I ended up with my own little framework, cooked into a library.

Since I started from the scratch, I gave it an oh-so-cool name. It's called "BarFoos" and it has a pretty convinient meaning in the German language :p


That is what its basically all about, read more about the project on github. I also worked a lot with Apache ANT to finally have one static build process which is cross platform available. BarFoos is still under heavy development and a 'living creature', but it's quite useable nonetheless. At present I'm rebuilding which will be based on BarFoos.

Stay tuned and check back from time to time if you're interested in the future of web development (which is in my opinion => modularity).